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K&S Canon offers a wide range of corporate law services in Seattle and King County, WA, providing businesses with comprehensive legal support. Our expansive knowledge spans from entity formation and corporate governance to purchases and sales, venture capital funding, and regulatory compliance. This page outlines the key services we provide and links to detailed information on each area.

Corporate Entity Formation

Starting a business in Seattle involves careful planning and compliance with Washington state laws. K&S Canon assists with forming limited liability companies (LLCs), profit corporations, non-profit corporations, limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), registering trade names, domesticating or registering foreign entities, and forming professional limited liability companies (PLLCs), amongst others. We help you with:

  • LLC Formation: Filing legal and formation documents with the Washington Secretary of State, obtaining Unified Business Identifier (UBI), selecting a registered agent, keeping records, paying appropriate fees, registering with the correct agencies, and creating governance documents like operating agreements and other necessary documents.

  • Profit Corporation Formation: Drafting and filing formation documents such as articles of incorporation, selecting a registered agent, issuing stocks, structuring boards, appointing officers, holding annual meetings, keeping minutes, electing directors.

  • Limited Partnership: limited partnerships are not used very often for small business, but they may be used for real estate ownership. Owners are typically corporations or LLCs rather than individuals. Limited partners share in the profits of the business, but their losses are limited to the extent of this investment. This is a complex business structure you should get legal advice on before choosing it as your business structure. Like LLCs and profit corporations, it requires filing with the Washington Secretary of State and a partnership agreement.

  • Nonprofit Corporation Formation: a nonprofit does not have owners other than the community at large and has no shareholders and cannot be set up for the purpose of generating income or profit. K&S Canon helps you with applying with the Washington Secretary of State, register as a charitable organization, board formation, determining registered agent, drafting bylaws and conflict of interest policy, and set up volunteer roles.

  • Foreign Entities: whether you want to convert your out-of-state entity into a Washington entity or simply register your out-of-state entity to allow you to do business in Washington, we help with filing articles of conversion, articles of incorporation, and articles of domestication, as appropriate with the Washington Secretary of State

  • Registering Trade Name: if you would like to start doing business under a different name than the name of your company, K&S Canon assists with registering with the Department of Revenue

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is essential for a successful business. K&S Canon provides guidance on establishing a robust governance framework. Our services include:

  • Bylaws and Operating Agreements: Creating bylaws for corporations and operating agreements for LLCs, and other related documents such as company charter, governance policies, and board resolutions.

  • Limited Partnership Agreements: Outlining partnership rights, transfer clauses, and dispute resolution procedures.

  • Management Agreements: Defining management roles and responsibilities to ensure effective governance.

  • Amendments and Resolutions: including board meeting minutes memorializing changes or discussions, and documents to add or withdraw members or shareholders.

  • Dissolution: helping dissolve ownership interests, terminating ownership rights, transferring ownership, and shutting down you business.

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations and corporate governance requirements is crucial for avoiding legal issues. K&S Canon helps businesses in Seattle and King County with:

  • Compliance Audits: Identifying potential risks and ensuring your business meets regulatory requirements.

  • Regulatory Filings: Preparing and submitting documents to meet legal deadlines and avoid penalties.

  • Ongoing Compliance Support: Offering guidance as regulations evolve to help your business stay compliant.

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Purchase and Sale

Business purchase and sale transactions require careful planning and legal guidance. K&S Canon helps you through every step of the process, ensuring your transaction is smooth and successful. We offer a range of services for business purchase and sale, including:

  • Structuring Deals: We assist you in choosing the best structure for your business purchase or sale transaction, whether it's an asset purchase, stock purchase, or another arrangement.

  • Negotiating and Drafting Agreements: K&S Canon helps you negotiate favorable terms and prepares key agreements, including purchase and sale agreements, letters of intent, assignments, bills of sale, lease transfers, estoppel certificates, exits, and merger agreements.

  • Business Exits: We provide guidance for planning business exits, drafting exit agreements, and ensuring compliance with Washington state laws.

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Venture Capital

Venture capital provides funding for startups and existing businesses seeking to expand. K&S Canon helps you with:

  • Document Preparation: Preparing term sheets, preferred stock purchase agreements, company disclosures, voting agreements, investors’ rights, co-sale agreements, and other documents for funding.

  • Negotiating Funding Terms: Assisting with negotiations and ensuring favorable terms for your business.

  • Promissory Notes and Financing Agreements: Ensuring these documents align with your business goals.

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Business Litigation

Business disputes can arise in various forms, whether you need to enforce your rights or defend against the threat of legal action. They can involve contract disputes, vendor disputes, business dissolution, shareholder lawsuits, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, and other civil issues. K&S Canon offers effective resolution methods, including:

  • Negotiation: Helping you reach agreements through direct discussions.

  • Mediation: Assisting with mediation to resolve disputes outside of court.

  • Litigation: If litigation is necessary, K&S Canon represents you through the court process to help with complex civil disputes in state courts, including shareholder, member disputes, commercial transactions.

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